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IMG_2914Welcome to SmallActs.

My name is Jennifer and I am a recovering overachiever.

Small acts of kindness, creativity and love are what makes the world go around.

Sometimes when you’re rushing around being super busy and productive, all juggling and struggling achievement, it can be hard to take in those tiny moments which make up the warp and weft of a life well lived.

This is my place to celebrate creativity, inspiration, nature, community, mindfulness, growth, good food, loving family, cheeky friends, and a good laugh.  If it’s hand crafted, home made or grown, I love it.

I hope you will join me on my quest to find these things in everyday life.


5 thoughts on “About SmallActs

    • Thank you Nick. Yes we still laugh about it too. It was a useful step but good to get beyond it too. One can have only so many strawberry covered scissor holders. ;-)

    • Thank you, so nice to meet you too! I can see from your website we have much in common! If you’re bringing the delightful Tui through Mt Eden at some stage why not pop in for a cup of tea? You can get me on jennifer@smallacts.co.nz and I’ll send you my ph number. Jx

  1. Kia ora Jennifer,

    I would like to invite you to exhibit in a curated group exhibition with other New Zealand artists at The Village Gallery, Eltham, South Taranaki. The aim is to showcase the creativity of artists who have taken on the challenge of a 100 Day project and highlight the diverse skills, working practice, concepts and wide scope of subject and media utilised.

    Your ‘100 Small Acts of Nature’ painting project would be fantastic in this exhibition. I realise you may still not have the complete set, but the drawings could be digitally reproduced for this show.

    What I will do for you:
    • No cost for artists to participate
    • Exhibition agreements
    • Promotion and advertising – posters, media opportunities
    • Exhibition catalogue and labels
    • Installation
    • Opening event
    • Sales opportunity – no commission. Work does not need to be for sale

    What I need from you, the artist:
    • If outside of Taranaki, artworks to arrive by courier no later than Thursday 7 April 2016 to South Taranaki District Council, Hawera, South Taranaki. If the work was digitally reproduced, I would require digital files by 4 April, including preferred output (paper stock, size) and display instructions. All costs of reproduction would be my responsibility as curator unless you would prefer to have full control over your images.

    • Artists’ statements for catalogue and exhibition label information for your artworks– approx. 150 words. Received no later than 12 noon Monday 4 April 2016.

    Please confirm your inclusion in this exhibition by email ASAP.

    As I work three days per week, please leave a message with the contact centre if I am not in the office. I look forward to your reply and to a great exhibition of fantastic 100 Day projects!

    Any questions, fire away.

    Kind regards,
    Michaela Stoneman – Arts Co-ordinator
    South Taranaki District Council
    Email: michaela.stoneman@stdc.govt.nz
    Phone: 0800 111 323

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