Watercolour method – my approach, in response to a reader question

sunflowerI have a very complimentary question from a Facebook reader – What is my watercolour technique?  So I have outlined my approach below for anybody who cares to emulate it.  It should suit anybody with poor impulse control.

My technique is: panic because I have to get a picture up today, think F*** it just draw something in pencil.. Sometimes I trace an image if it is a particularly complex one.  A lightbox is a massive help here.  Some artists feel that a tracing can remove all the life from an image, others (Quentin Blake) use tracing quite a lot, but mainly as a guide to positioning.

On this 100 Day project I am using a water resistant ultra fine point sharpie to outline first but often I don’t use outlines at all. I really like wet-in-wet and what this does to colour. Often I often use this even when it won’t give me any sort of naturalistic effect but because I can’t stop. The paper cockles because I haven’t taped it down, leaving weird tide marks.

I fail to wait for it to dry completely because I lack patience and then end up doing more wet in wet instead of finer dry details as intended. Then I cast it to one side often in disgust. I come back later and use a fine brush to do the fine details over the top.

I use a standard Schmincke paint palette which is well worth the expense. Yay Schmincke!  but proper botanical artists probably customise and add more greens and pinks to their palettes. I also love Start aquarelle pencils for quick things like birthday and cards for friends.

2 thoughts on “Watercolour method – my approach, in response to a reader question

  1. Poor impulse control?? is that a type of arty Tourette’s? Splash the paint around with a few choice words??? BTW your pictures are pretty f*****g nice!

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