Hibiscus – Delicate Beauty

22-hibiscusName: Creeping hibiscus – Abelmoschus Moschatus Tuberosis
Meaning: Delicate beauty

This is not the flashiest hibiscus. And I’m really not feeling great about my version of it, if I had the time I’d have another go. But I figure out of the 100 there are bound to be a few I don’t like. That’s the process.

What is still fascinating to me though, is that connection through time I feel with a person who has taken the time to study and faithfully record this delicate creeping thing.

And can you imagine how delicate a beauty any sort of hibiscus would have been to the European eye?

My painting is inspired by a botanical painting by Ferdinand Bauer, 1803, The plant was collected at Caledon Bay, Northern Territories, Australia. Plate from Botanical Prints by N & E Robson

Day 22 100 days project #100daysnz

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