The return of the 100 Day Project

100 days_TVG_poster_web

Way back in 2013 I completed a 100 Days Project, an immensely satisfying and challenging experience.  I learned a lot, and if you are interested you can read a little more about that experience here.  Some of the paintings I made as part of that process, I just love, others I’d prefer never saw the light of day again.  It’s a fact however, that none of them would have existed without the stimulus of this project.  Encouraged by my experience and the generous reactions I received, I have continued to paint quietly away on my own. But since the exhibition most of these tiny works have spent their time in a dark little tin in my desk drawer.

Fast forward to last week however, and I was in for a surprise.  Michaela Stoneman, the delightful curator of the Eltham Village Gallery in South Taranaki (among others) got in touch to ask if she could include my project in an exhibition she is planning of 100 Days Projects.   But of course!  And in view of the quality of the other projects selected I feel really very happy to be included.  Furthermore, the chancey to review my project has been quite uplifting and has me thinking hard about how I could use the images and what else I could attempt.  It’s also reminded me that the 100 Days project will kick off again in July, and perhaps I should get on that bus again.

Meanwhile, if you’re in Taranaki between 12 April and 6 May feel free to pop in to a lovely exhibition at the Eltham VIllage Gallery.