100 Days Project

pohutukawa vertical 2012The 100 Days project, requires participants to repeat one creative act in some way every day for 100 days from today, June 7th.

My project “Small acts of nature” is to paint one natural object from my environment every day in watercolour on a postcard. I am really interested to see what happens to my artwork when I dedicate time and resource to living the ‘small acts count’ doctrine.

So far the primary effect is that I have started painting furiously in advance.  Cheating? Wise preparation? Let’s just call it inspiration shall we?

In reality I’ll be squeezing these pint sized masterpieces in between wrangling children, managing a house and meeting work deadlines.  But so is everybody else, and to ensure I don’t feel too alone, I have bullied several of my friends into doing it too. Good luck, Suzy, Tracey and Helen as well as wise 100 Day veteran Sandra who is well ahead of us.  Check them their fantastic projects. We figure if we don’t make it to the end, we’ll just have our own party.  Win/win!

A further lovely effect of starting this project is a real hyperawareness of the changing season as we head into Autumn.  The colours are just astounding at the moment.  Having said that, I have started with a portrait of a banana which not only made me laugh but made my lunch – multifunctional!

Ultimately what I’d like to achieve is to get past perfectionism.  The work doesn’t have to be perfect to be set free into the world. You’ve gotta know that this is a major obstacle for A-grade control freaks, but hey, I’m working on it!

Now, to work!




3 thoughts on “100 Days Project

  1. Guess what I was ripping out of the garden on Saturday ?
    Yes – Japanese Anenomes.
    I love the flowers but hate how they are an ugly mess for a large part of the year. and they look even worse over a drought period.
    Funny coincidence – after talking to you this morning and coming home to read your Small Acts update – to find it was about Japanese Anenomes !

  2. This reminds me of a Dutch artist I read about years ago, who painted the same glass of water over and over for years. I suspect this is like a painted/ing form of mantra. I admire that kind of discipline, and yes, the willingness to set each one aside and start anew the following day, free of need for result yet held by the form of the act…

    • Oh I admire that so much! You know, I’d love to claim, or even aspire to that discipline, but the truth is I’m usually painting a few ahead so the control freak in me is not dead yet. However I am putting up paintings I’m not totally happy with or are much looser than I would ordinarily do and I’m quite fine with that, so there has been some movement! The revelation has been the writing, I’ve never written for pleasure before and I’m reallu enjoying it.

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